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Security Camera Installation in Las Vegas, NV

As technology rapidly develops, adopting modern methods for protecting homes, businesses, and public spaces becomes more crucial. At Advanced Technology, our team of highly-trained professionals is committed to providing outstanding security camera installation in Las Vegas, NV, explicitly tailored to your individual needs, be that protecting a residence from an intruder, monitoring business premises remotely, or strengthening public security measures.

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation. Safeguard your property with confidence, knowing we’re working alongside you on improving its protection!

Benefits of Surveillance System Installation

Are you curious as to why investing in a surveillance system is necessary? Let us enlighten you! Our comprehensive installation services offer many advantages that increase safety and protection. Here's what to expect:

  • Visible security cameras serve as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential criminals from targeting your property.
  • Modern security camera systems allow you to monitor your property anytime from any location using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Employing surveillance cameras in the workplace may increase worker output, deter improper conduct, and foster a more productive and expert work environment.
  • Should an incident of crime arise, surveillance footage provides valuable evidence for law enforcement agents trying to catch criminals and recover stolen assets.
  • Insurance providers frequently offer discounts for properties equipped with surveillance systems, saving you money over time.

By choosing our surveillance system installation service, you can take advantage of these benefits and more, making your property safer for all.

Professional Security Camera Installers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Security cameras have become an invaluable asset in today’s ever-threatening world, serving as extra eyes and offering excellent protection from intruders, theft, and vandalism.

At Advanced Technology, our expert security camera installers near you possess an expansive knowledge of industry trends and technologies, ensuring your surveillance system will be installed with maximum precision and efficiency.

Our installers understand that every property is unique and tailor their solutions to fit the specific security needs of every property they install. From simple home setups to comprehensive surveillance systems for commercial establishments—no matter the size—our professionals ensure your security camera installation will go smoothly and efficiently.

All kinds of camera installation services

No matter the property type—home, office, or otherwise—our expert technicians possess the know-how to install the perfect surveillance system with professionalism, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction in mind. Here are the types of security camera installations in Las Vegas we specialize in:


●     Residential Installations

Safeguard your home and family members with our top-of-the-line residential surveillance systems. Our technicians assess your home’s layout and specific security concerns to design a surveillance system to strategically place cameras to cover key entry points, common areas, or any vulnerable spots, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.


●     Commercial Installations

Our expertise lies in installing camera installations for businesses of all types – from retail stores and offices to warehouses and industrial facilities – we implement surveillance solutions designed to protect assets while monitoring employee activities and deterring theft.


●     Outdoor Surveillance Systems

No matter if it is to monitor the perimeter, parking lots, or common outdoor areas, our outdoor surveillance systems are engineered to withstand even the harshest environments while providing exceptional performance. Our technicians will assess your property before installing weather-resistant cameras with optimal coverage, ensuring effective surveillance even in challenging environments.


●     Indoor Surveillance Systems

Maintaining security within your premises is crucial for the safety of your assets and personnel. Our indoor surveillance systems are strategically installed to cover critical areas and provide comprehensive monitoring. Whether you need cameras for entryways, hallways, or specific rooms, we offer customized solutions to your indoor security needs.

Unleash unrivaled security with our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras.

Security should never be compromised, which is why we select only high-grade CCTV cameras for our installations. Our extensive selection offers HD resolution, wide-angle lenses, motion detection, and night vision. Rest assured, you'll have crystal-clear footage to effectively monitor and protect your property. As technology progresses, so do we. By monitoring camera innovation and conducting extensive research and testing of new models, we remain at the forefront of surveillance solutions designed to keep our clients safe.

Types of CCTV Security Cameras We Install

We offer a diverse range of CCTV security cameras to cater to your needs, ensuring you have the right solution for your property. Explore the options:

●     Wired Cameras

When it comes to stability and reliability, wired cameras excel. Connected directly to a central recording device through cables, these cameras ensure constant power supply and data transmission.

Our skilled technicians will meticulously install the cables, ensuring seamless integration with your infrastructure. Relying on us, you can count on a comprehensive wired camera system providing day and night surveillance monitoring.

●     Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras offer flexibility and easy installation. Operating via Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies, these cameras allow users to position them virtually anywhere without being limited by wires.

Our experienced team can strategically install wireless cameras to provide optimal coverage and connectivity, whether covering tough-to-access areas like city centers or providing a more discreet surveillance setup.

Why Choose Advanced Technology LLC?

Advanced Technology LLC takes great pride in being a reliable choice for security camera installation services in Las Vegas. Here are some key reasons why our team should be your choice:

●     Peace of mind

With our advanced security camera systems and professional installations, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is under constant watch.

●     Experienced technicians on staff

Our team comprises highly skilled technicians with expertise and knowledge in security camera installations, ensuring each installation meets our high standards.

●     State-of-the-art technology

Our installations offer innovative features and functionality to maximize the efficacy and efficiency of your surveillance system by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

●     Local company to serve you fast

As a Las Vegas-based company, we pride ourselves on serving our community promptly with the fastest response times and efficient installations.

●     Use of top-grade materials

From the CCTV cameras we install to the components and accessories used, we source only top-of-the-line products from trusted manufacturers to ensure that your system runs at its optimum level.

●     Cost-effective solutions

Security should be accessible to everyone, which is why we provide cost-effective security camera installations without compromising quality or performance.

●     Expert installation and support

Our commitment doesn’t end with installation; our team remains available to address any concerns, provide troubleshooting assistance, and offer ongoing support whenever necessary.

●     Tailored solutions

No matter if it is for residential or commercial installation, our team takes the time to assess your property, understand your concerns, and design a surveillance system tailored precisely to meet them.

We Provide Free Estimates and Consultation

You can request a free estimate by calling us or completing our online form. Our helpful staff will guide you through each step and answer any concerns before arranging one of our professionals to visit and assess your home!

We look forward to serving you!


On average, basic installations typically range between $150 and $200 per camera. It is advised to ask one of our experts for an estimate to receive an accurate assessment customized to your specific needs.

The usual price per hardwired camera for installation is between $150 and $200. We suggest contacting us for a personalized quotation to receive an exact price for your installation project.

While electricians have knowledge of wiring and electrical systems, it is highly recommended to rely on professionals with specialized expertise in security camera installations. Security camera setups involve more than just electrical work; they require an understanding of camera placement, network configuration, and video surveillance systems. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in security camera installations, ensuring proper setup, integration, and optimal performance.

ADT provides cameras to meet different needs and budgets. To get an accurate cost estimate for installing one of their cameras, contact our team for a tailored quote; they’ll assess your needs before providing you with an in-depth breakdown of installation expenses.