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Gate Repair Services Las Vegas, NV

At Advanced Technology, LLC, we provide all kinds of gate repairs in Las Vegas. Whether it is an automatic or electric-powered door, we handle it all very well. We not only understand but also genuinely empathize with the frustration and concerns that arise when dealing with malfunctioning gates. Our highly trained technicians bring years of experience and can quickly address a range of gate issues, from minor adjustments to complete overhauls.

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Commercial and Residential Gate Services: Expert Solutions for Every Property

As a professional and experienced company, we provide customized services tailored to each business and homeowner, meeting their specific needs with excellence.


For commercial gate repair services, our highly skilled technicians boast exceptional diagnostic abilities and excel at quickly resolving issues like malfunctioning gate openers and damaged components, with minimal disruptions to business activities, ensuring rapid restoration of optimal functionality to business or industrial site gates.

Commercial Gate Repairs


Regarding residential gate repairs, we have extensive experience handling various repair needs, including gate alignment, sensor adjustments, and motor replacements. We understand that malfunctioning gates not only compromise security but can disrupt daily routines, so we aim to deliver prompt and efficient repair solutions, guaranteeing smooth functioning and providing peace of mind.

Iron Gate Repair in Las Vegas

Metal gates add visual appeal and security to your property, but issues may arise that require professional repairs as time goes on. We specialize in iron gate repairs, with particular attention given to critical areas like rust removal, hinge malfunction, and damaged decorative elements.

When it comes to rust, we utilize effective techniques that remove and prevent future corrosion of your metal doors. Our highly qualified technicians are also equipped to address hinge issues for smooth operation and prolonged functionality of doorways. Furthermore, with welding, painting, and component replacement services on offer, we can restore its appearance as it was when first constructed.

Driveway Gate Repairs

Experience peace and enhanced security with drive-way gates installed at your property. However, as with any mechanical system, issues may arise over time that compromises their functionality and effectiveness – from unexpected motor failures to wear and tear issues that impede smooth door operation. Our experts can help you with all kinds of driveway gate repairs in Las Vegas:
  • Gate openers
  • Intercom repair
  • Track and roller
  • Access control system
  • Arm restoration

Electric and Automatic Gate Repair in Las Vegas

Automatic gates add security and ease of use to your property but sometimes experience specific issues that require professional intervention.

Our expert technicians specialize in all kinds of electric and automated gate repairs. If your gate is experiencing any motor or sensor-related problems that impede its smooth opening or closing action or sensors that negatively respond to pedestrians or vehicles, our specialists are on hand to assist.

Additionally, if any keypads, malfunctioning remotes, or communication systems within its infrastructure pose an issue, we have technicians that can quickly detect and address these problems.

Services and Products We Offer

As experienced gate experts, we provide a vast range of products and services including wrought iron gates, access control, gate remote controls, fence repairs, automated gate installation and security camera installation, all for our LV society.

Advanced Technology LLC: Your Local Gate Repair Company

We stand out as a top option when it comes to gate restoration in Las Vegas, thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction and ability to provide a top-quality service. We take the time to listen carefully to your unique needs and concerns before providing customized solutions that suit both requirements and budget.

Additionally, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always on hand to walk you through every step of the repair process while answering any queries along the way.

Here are a few compelling reasons why we stands out among other companies:

  • Professional and experienced tech support personnel
  • Premium services at affordable pricing
  • Maintain and check regularly
  • Complete range of gate reparations
  • Superior customer service
  • Use of high-quality materials and parts

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